Should You Buy A ‘Bulletproof Backpack’?

Kids bulletproof backpack

In the last years, the danger within schools has been dramatically increasing and it’s something way beyond just some bullying. Schools turning into real-life warzones where children are required to wear similar protection that you would expect in a war. Of course, students can’t be allowed to be wearing an armored vest during their study time, but a bulletproof backpack might be withing the realm of possibility.

A kids bulletproof backpack is very similar to how a bulletproof vest works- it contains a metal plate that stops the bullets or to be more specific, it shields only from specific bullets and until a certain amount of bullets. Despite the common belief, bulletproof armor is not actually bulletproof- it’s bullet-resistant.

Even though the plates don’t grant complete security, they will be great lifesavers to your child’s imminent danger. This is the time to start counting your money because the armor might cost you a lot depending on how much you want to keep your children safe and how much they are able to carry. The cheapest you can buy a bulletproof backpack is around $100 and this price will surely get higher with the amount of protection the backpack will deliver.

Thankfully, the manufacturers of these bulletproof backpacks know that heavier doesn’t mean safer, so instead of focusing on repelling bigger bullets, they focus on protecting more. Anything from shoulder pads to hidden wearable armor with the backpacks can be found on the market.

If you are thinking of purchasing your child a bulletproof backpack, there are some things that you need to be aware of:

With thicker plates, the child will be safer, but will also need to carry more weight;The surface of the armor is just as important as the strength of it, if not more;It’s not bulletproof.