5 Home Remedies For Flat Tummy Without Exercises

The best way to burn belly fat and get a flat stomach without doing exercises is to go all-natural. Belly fat is highly annoying, and if it’s not convenient for you to exercise due to tight work schedules or lack of time, it becomes daunting. To get a flat tummy without necessarily doing exercises, therefore, try these home remedies out.

1. Take green tea regularly
Green tea increases body metabolism and fat burning as it’s rich in caffeine and catechins. It’s estimated that a single cup of green tea burns approximately 100 calories in the body. The catechins breakdown fat since they have potent antioxidants, which mobilize fat from fat cells and inhibit an enzyme that’s responsible for breaking down norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is stress chemical that also adds to fat breakdown.

2. Drink warm lemon water
Soaking a few lemon slices in a glass of warm water and drinking it every morning helps get rid of belly fat. Lemon water contains pectin fiber that increases satiety and fullness and cuts down your calorie intake. Besides, has vitamin C and citric acid, which are essential to fat burning and skin nourishment

3. Intermittent fasting
Skipping meals is effective for burning fat. Alternating meals with fasts give your body an inadequacy of calories. This shortness of calories prompts the body to burn its fat and gives you a flat tummy quickly.
You don’t have to be too ambitious as you start the fasting routine. Start by skipping breakfast or dinner as your body gains tolerance to hunger. Increase the fasting hours up to about 12 hours, and the results will start showing within a few days.

4. Ginger tea
Ginger tea has zingerone and shogoal, which are compounds that studies believe help burn fat. Besides, ginger tea increases satiety, reducing cravings and intake of more calories. There is no conventional way of preparing ginger tea. People prefer mixing with green tea or lemon, whereas others take it as it is.

5. Eat more garlic
Garlic suppresses appetite and also increases satiety. Besides, it stimulates the nervous system to release adrenaline that increases body metabolism. It, therefore, helps burns body fat and gives you a flat tummy effortlessly.

Having a flat tummy is not an easy feat as it requires patience, discipline, and consistency when using home remedies. With determination and focus, however, reducing belly fat is guaranteed.