5 Attributes of an Ideal Security Team Holster

A perfect gun holster and even better an inside the pants holster is very important to anyone including security teams. One that does not feel comfortable has many disadvantages as even the drawing time of your weapon will be derailed. This is more so for the security team where you may be required to draw your gun very fast in a given situation. The right holster is very potent to ensure efficiency and make sure security is maintained.
Some holsters are even considered dangerous since they may cause the weapon to fire on its own like a low quality tuckable holster. Here are the attributes of a security team holster that should make their work easier.

  1. The holster needs to keep the gun securely in its position. This means that even if you bend on one side or you roll over your weapon will not come out of its holster. In case of something like an accident or just an incident and you are involved in assisting people, you might lose your weapon in the scuffles if it was not securely stored. It might fall in the hands of the wrong people and everything goes south since it is recorded under your name.
  2. It should have firm trigger protection. The guard for the trigger should be rigid. This is because soft material gets weak as time goes by and it might bot hold the trigger well over time. It can become even dangerous when it curves in towards the trigger. But again look for the perfect one because not all rigid security team holsters are perfect. Some have been pulling the trigger during holstering so very dangerous.
  3. Good grip. The perfect security team holster should give you a nice comfortable grip when you are reaching out for your weapon. A nice grip will ensure efficiency in drawing the gun faster. If the grip of your weapon is not okay while it is in the holster then you need to get another from the office. This is because you might find yourself in a life and death scenario in a blink of an eye and your holster could jeopardize your life.
  4. The security team holster should fit your daily activities. The holster for the officer who stays at the station every time at say the front desk will have a different holster to that filed agent. The field agent is walking the better part of his day but the officer at the station is seated most of the time. Choose a holster that suits the kind of position you hold.
  5. The security team holster shouldn’t be melting often. A hot gun may be placed inside the holster after use. Some holsters will start melting since the material used to make them is not one of the best qualities. Kydex and Boltaron holster materials are ideal for handgun holders as they do not melt easily even when a hot gun is in them.

Final Thoughts
The main task of your holster is to ensure your handgun is kept safe. It should, therefore, make sure that whatever happens, your weapon does not come until you are the one removing it. It should give you a nice grip of your weapon so that you can draw it easily and very fast.