Lost Car Keys

Retrace Your Steps

Take some time to look around for your keys one more time. It takes some effort to get a new key and it is best if you are able to find it first. You should go through and look through all the other steps you took the day before to see if you can remember where the keys were and find them before you have to go through all the other steps of getting new keys.

Lost Car Keys
Lost Car Keys

Call a Locksmith or a Dealer
If you are certain that you can’t find the keys, then it is time to call a locksmith. They can help you get directly into the vehicle so you can figure it out for a bit. They can even help you to create a new key as well. Or you can call the local dealership to see whether they can make you a new key as well and bring it to you.

Look Online
There are some good options that you can use for replacement keys online as well. These are often a little less expensive and have more options than some local options. You will need to go through and do the programming on your own, but it is a less expensive option to use.

The Cost of Replacing Your Keys
If you can’t find your keys and you need to replace them, the average cost will be close to $200. You can get it a little cheaper if you program it on your own. This is an expensive part to look at and sometimes the cost is going to be closer to $500 if you have a specific type of car. You may need to consider getting a spare key when you purchase a new car to make sure you always have one around.
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