7 important things you didn’t know about Bullet Proof vests

Bullet proof vests are an essential piece of body armour for police and army personnel around the world. It provides protection against bullets and enhances the security of the wearer while on a combat mission. Here is a list of the 7 things you didn’t know about custom bulletproof vest –

  1. They are actually not bulletproof
    Contrary to popular perception, custom bulletproof vests are actually not bullet proof but they are bullet resistant. According to the level of protection, the bullet proof vest reduces the impact of the bullet and prevents it from penetrating the hard ballistic layer.
  2. Replace after it has been pierced
    You should immediately get a replacement after your vest has been pierced by a bullet. If someone is able to get a clear shot at the pierce mark, it would be hazardous for the wearer.
  3. Bullet proof vests have a lifespan
    This is something you must have not heard about. Every bulletproof vest has a standard life of five years. The continuous use of the bullet proof jacket results in a decrease in the protective ability of the equipment.
  4. Keep away from water
    You should keep your bullet proof vest away from water. It loses its ballistic performance if it is submerged in water or becomes wet. This is because water acts as a lubricant making the vest fragile.
  5. Wear it in the right way
    The ballistic panels in the vests are designed to be worn in a specified way. This ensures protection of important areas in the body. Not wearing it in the right way can lead to fatalities when in a combat.
  6. Wear it along with your clothing
    You should put on your T-shirts or Uniform along with the bulletproof vest. This makes you feel comfortable while the vest is on.
  7. They are not knife resistant
    Bullet proof vests are susceptible to knives and should not be taken for granted. Stab vests are different and offer a stronger layer of protection